Apr 14 2017

Arriba Quemando el Sol – The New York Times

A stomping fury swarms up beneath Sofía Rei’s voice on her version of “Arriba Quemando el Sol,” a populist anthem by Violeta Parra. The song (which translates to “The Sun Shining Above”) elevates the struggles of the working poor in rural Chile.


Ms. Rei’s declamations capture its pride and its lament, while the guitarist Marc Ribot builds a blazing, dystopian billow around her. This track comes from “El Gavilán,” Ms. Rei’s forthcoming album, composed of eight songs written by Ms. Parra, a leader of Chile’s mid-20th-century folk music revival. On the record Ms. Rei, who hails from Argentina but lives in New York, is joined by Mr. Ribot and no one else.


Otherwise, she accompanies herself: on percussion, various stringed instruments and vocal overdubs.



Source: The New York Times
By Giovanni Russonello

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