Sofia Rei & Marc Ribot Pay Tribute To Violeta Parra On El Gavilán – The Latin Jazz Corner

Vocalist Sofia Rei has spent many years exploring the outer edges of Latin Jazz, always eager to try new ideas. From the use of electronics in her music to thickly orchestrated layers of overdubbed vocals, Rei has taken her position as a leader into the exciting realm of the unknown. She has also collaborated with a number of musicians that often take the road less traveled, such as guitarist and experimental composer John Zorn and adventurous musical explorer Bobby McFerrin. While there’s always something new on the horizon with Rei, there’s one thing that grounds her music – she’s always kept one foot in traditional music and jazz.


Today’s video shows a sneak peek of Rei’s latest project – that once again references tradition while trying new things – El Gavilán (The Hawk). On the tradition front, this is an album dedicated to the legacy of singer, composer, poet, folklorist, and symbol of female courage, Violeta Parra. The creator of Chilean “New Song,” Parra is a strong piece of South American tradition, and a perfect inspirational figure from music from Rei. In terms of new ideas, Rei is taking this opportunity to collaborate with guitarist Marc Ribot, a musician with roots in jazz, rock, and experimental music. This combination of tradition and experimentation makes El Gavilán something to be excited about in 2017, as Rei shows us in this sneak peek video.

Source: The Latin Jazz Corner
Author: Chipboaz

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