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“El Gavilán” European Tour 2018

Announcing “El Gavilán” European Tour 2018! Join Sofia and Misha in Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. Tickets and more info:
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Sofía contributes an article to Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music

Initiated in 1997 and now in its eighth installment, John Zorn’s acclaimed Arcana series is a major source of new music theory and practice in the 21st century. This special 20th anniversary edition presents writings spanning classical music, jazz, rock, improvisation, world music, film soundtracks and more
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Reseña de la Residencia de Sofía Rei en Buenos Aires 2017: Rei-na cuatro por cuatro – El Intruso (Argentina)

Author: Marcelo Morales Online Article: CLICK HERE    
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“El Gavilán” #14 in the World Music Charts Europe!

Once a month radio world music specialists from twenty four European countries select their individual favorites out of current world music releases from their playlists and mail them to Berlin. The nominations are processed in a database and the top ten is then published as
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“El Gavilán” en Bogotá en la Universidad Konrad Lorenz

Los invitamos al lanzamiento de la última producción discográfica de  Sofía, tributo a la icónica artista chilena Violeta Parra este viernes 20 de octubre en el auditorio Sonia Fajardo de la Universidad Konrad Lorenz. Junto a Misha Marks (guitarras) y con la presencia de Eblis
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“La Quinta Pata” from new project UMBRAL

Produced by JC Maillard With Jorge Roeder (bass) and Tupac Mantilla (drums and percussion). Recorded at Flux studios (NYC) by Daniel Sanint.